Case Study Developing Business Strategy for Shoe Stars Germany

  • Project Highlights

    • Client: Shoe Stars Germany

    • Partners: TinkerShoe Ltd.

    • Project duration: May 2016 - Aug 2016

    • Project category: Mergers & Acquisitions

    Project Overview

    Every company needs a clear vision, mission and strategy. Strategy is a tool to achieve your vision. Rarely a company defines a 10-year strategy. Before, that was pretty standard procedure. What has changed? It has to do with global market changes and fluctuations. Does that mean that no company should define a 10-year strategy? Of course not. The aim is to define s strategy in a way that it is flexible enough to withstand market changes and adapts to new opportunities and risk.

    The same is when creating a website. Same rules applies. You need to have a strategy for your website. What is it’s purpose? Presentation only, gaining customers, increasing sales or something else. Once you define your website strategy start with content creation that will support that strategy. Be sure to have in mind that you need to align your content and strategy with your customers, their needs and expectations. After all you are not doing your website for you, but for them.

    So why have we decided to make multi-niche consulting theme? Well, not all of business are in finance sector. Many consulting businesses are in tourism industry, IT security and so on. So a finance oriented site will not do the trick. You need a layout that is suited for your niche. Everything, from colors, images, content and feel must be aligned to suite your niche. That’s why we decided to create a consulting theme that will be oriented to more than just one niche and deliver you the desired result.


    • Crafting competitive business strategy

    • Defining business strategy implementation and execution plan

    • Detailed activities in business functions and process optimization that supports new business strategy

    • New marketing and branding strategy creation and implementation


    • Business functions and processes optimization

    • Clear company vision and steps to achieve that vision

    • Defined performance matrix for management and control of conducted activities

    • Better understanding of customer needs and overall customer experience.